• MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Leave all your worries behind. The class is for you, not the others around you. You need to be present minded when working out to maximize the benefits of the class.
  • Bring a towel as you will most likely sweat, we also have towels for your convenience.
  • Wear loose, comfortable workout clothes that allow your muscles to stretch and your skin to "breathe". Your instructor will need to be able to see your body well enough to see the alignment of you bones and how your muscles are engaging, so while loose is OK, baggy is not.
  • nless specified, most classes may be done with clean bare feet. If you choose to wear socks, please make sure that the sole has a grip.
  • Remove any dangling jewelry.
  • Wash off any perfume prior to class to respect any allergies of your fellow students and wash your hands and feet of any lotions to prevent slipping.
  • Turn off your cell phone prior to class.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. We recommend first trying out one of our mat classes. Once you get comfortable with the exercises, try our different classes to get a feel for the studio and routine. We offer special packages you can purchase for a discounted price. We recommend to start out with two to three classes per week. Your personal fitness level and the time you have available for working out decide the workout plan that works best for you!
  • Be sure to make healthy eating choices including fresh veggies, fruit, and drink lots of water!

THE REFORMER IS A PIECE of resistance exercise equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a platform that moves back and forth along a carriage. Resistance is provided by the exerciser's body weight and by springs attached to the carriage and platform. Despite the somewhat medieval name, the Pilates reformer is actually an amazingly elegant machine. The reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely to develop good alignment, balance, core strength and flexibility.

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