...that enables one to move by opening up individual joint range of motion, lengthening the spine and strengthening the entire body. Pilates requires the individual to use one’s mind to connect with his or her body to move and exercise in correct alignment while performing a variety of movement patterns and positions. Performing these movements correctly, joint stability, muscle strength and overall flexibility merge to create a strong mind-body connection that enables ultimate core strength. Without this combination, stiffness and instability of joints, faulty posture and injuries are all conditions which can often lead to pain or injury.

PILATES PRACTICE here at Arcata Core Pilates Studio will allow your body the freedom to move with confidence, energizing you to feel strong and healthy through targeted mind-body training while in an elegant, environmentally friendly studio community. With multiple class formats, blended fitness modalities and small group class settings, clients of Arcata Core Pilates benefit from the energy of group classes with the attention of private sessions.

WE ENCOURAGE ALL OF OUR CLIENTS to explore and experience all that Arcata Core Pilates offers: Classic and PowerFlow Pilates Mat, GYROKINESIS®, and Pilates Reformer PLUS which is exclusive to Core Pilates and combines the STOTT pilates Cardio-Tramp, Pilates cadillac & springboard, and other forms of functional fitness all into one challenging hour of fun. All classes are taught by highly skilled instructors with hundreds to thousands of hours of formal training and experience, which means you will receive the best training in Arcata at the best value!

THE PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION at Arcata Core Pilates Studio enables you to quickly master simple routines and progress to more sophisticated moves as you gain confidence and core strength. We are here to give your body the ultimate fitness makeover that is safe, effective and fun! Whether it is traditional Pilates Mat or Reformer, private sessions for therapeutic rehabilitation, the TRX system, and/or GYROKINESIS® -- there is a program to suit everyone's needs!

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