Sarah began teaching in 2014 and has a 500+ hour Pilates certification for Mat and all Pilates machines through Balanced Body. In 2016, Sarah trained in Pre/Post Natal Pilates and Diastasis Recti recovery. Sarah helps people discover new, deeper muscles, through functional movement and fitness. Sarah teaches Pilates in a way that leaves you feeling strong, stretched, and connected while learning something about movement and your body. Sarah enjoys working with a wide range of students, especially women who are looking to embrace mindful movement as a practice. Sarah enjoys helping clients discover their body’s potential, build confidence, and move through the day with less pain and more ease. Sarah has worked with students from 16 - 85 including people with hip replacements, scoliosis, osteoporosis, shoulder injuries, new mothers, and mothers recovering from birth years later. When Sarah is not practicing Pilates, she is curled up with a good book (lately of the self-improvement variety), huddled over her sewing machine (sewing clothes and quilts), or hiking out at the beach while listening to her favorite tunes. Currently, Sarah is halfway through her first pregnancy and looking forward to welcoming a baby in October 2019.

Alina found her love of Pilates through her curiosity of dance, health, and mind-body movement. While studying dance and holistic health in community college, she became interested in ways alleviate pain, prevent injuries, and restore balance to the body. She graduated from HSU in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, emphasizing in Exercise Science, and a minor in dance. She completed her degree with an internship at The Bodyloom, a Pilates, yoga, and bellydance studio in the North Bay Area, while concurrently enrolled in a 500-hour Pilates teacher training course at Innerstellar Pilates & Yoga studio in Berkeley. She has since returned to Arcata and is currently completing her training.


SHARON HAS BEEN A FITNESS TRAINER, teacher, and coach for over 25 years. While earning a degree in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Therapeutics, Sharon competed in intercollegiate gymnastics. Sharon’s interest in athletics and fitness eventually led her to teach in the California Community College System where she earned a California Community College lifetime Physical Education Credential. A move from the Bay Area to Humboldt County led to a position as the fitness director for Health-sport Arcata. While working at Health Sport Sharon continued her education in fitness and garnered certification as an ACE Group Exercise Leader and ACE Personal Trainer. During the last 10 years Sharon has been studying the science of core conditioning resulting in her most rewarding certification as a Stott Piliates Level Two Instructor. All who know Sharon understand her passion for life, fitness, and well being. Sharon welcomes you to her studio and looks forward to helping you understand and achieve your fitness aspirations. When not at her studio training clients or teaching classes you will find Sharon tending to her garden, enjoying the company of friends and family, and playing with her grandsons.


CHERI HAS BEEN WORKING TO SHARE HER JOY and passion for Pilates with the people of our community for the past 10 years. She has a strong fitness background, teaching step and aerobic classes and strength training for the past 17years. Her knowledge and compassion help her work with a variety of clients, kids to seniors, post-rehab to athletes. She specializes in adapting her teaching style to fit each individual’s needs and goals. She has spent the past 10 years focusing her studying to achieve and continue holding a Level II full certification with STOTT PILATES. She also holds a Personal training certification with ACE (American Council on Exercise).


JESSIE LOVES THE INTEGRATION OF MIND AND BODY provided though Pilates practice. Jessie took her first Pilates class over 12 years ago and fell instantly in love with it. The concentration and inward focus needed provided a respite from her hectic life as a mom and Medical-Legal Specialist. Having suffered a tailbone fracture and subsequent back pain and issues, Pilates was the only exercise that afforded any relief and prevention of back pain. When the opportunity arose to take the certification courses from HealthSport, Jessie signed up immediately as she wanted to be able to provide this amazing exercise for others. She feels that everyone would benefit from a bare minimum of one Pilates class a week. The building of core strength, flexibility, and mental discipline gained from Pilates is essential not only for a healthy body, but mind as well. She taught all levels of Mat and Reformer for over 2 years at HealthSport and took some time off to pursue her teaching career in public schools. She continues to teach full time at a local middle school and is thrilled to be teaching Pilates again.


Tamra has a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science at Humboldt State University in May 2014. She finished her degree with an internship here at Arcata Core Pilates because Pilates is her passion. Tamra has played soccer ever since she could walk and when she discovered Pilates in 2009 she was convinced she discovered a miracle. Pairing rigorous exercise in college soccer with Pilates decreased her injuries, increased flexibility, and increased her balance. Experiencing the benefits of practicing Pilates first hand has unveiled Tamra’s passion to teach Pilates to anyone and everyone who is willing to learn.She is currently undergoing the BASI Pilates Training.

Lisa Crum

Lisa first discovered Pilates after a back injury in 2003. After months of chronic pain and limited mobility she was encouraged by her doctor to try Pilates to strengthen her core in order to rehab her back. After a couple months of classes she was able to move without pain which ignited her passion for Pilates and for fitness.

Lisa is a STOTT certified Mat, Reformer, and Total Barre instructor as well as being TRX qualified. She has traveled to Bali and India for month long yoga immersions and has a passion for running and cycling. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Lisa can meet you wherever you’re at. All levels welcome!

Angelique Velazquez

As a certified personal trainer, health and wellness have long been a part of who I am and what I do. I began my career in a full-service gym, understanding my clients' fitness goals, creating customized workouts, and helping them achieve their personal milestones. Learning my clients has been integral in defining me as a personal trainer. When I started adding Pilates exercises into their routines, my clients loved it and wanted more. This inspired me to become a certified Pilates instructor.

My clients include individuals of all ages and fitness levels, from bodybuilders preparing for competition to new moms wanting to get back in shape, to seniors wishing to remain active. My specialty, however, is tailoring exercise for special needs individuals dealing with limitations such as cancer, cerebral palsy, and post-hip or knee surgery. I love seeing my clients make progress and meet or exceed their goals!

As a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist with the the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Cancer Society, I understand the lifestyle changes and unique challenges faced by my clients affected by cancer, whether in treatment or post-treatment. I am aware of their side effects from medication and treatment and administer exercise programs specific to their diagnosis, treatment, and recovery status.

My education also includes a BS in Kinesiology from Humboldt State University, a certification in Personal Training through ACSM, and I am STOTT Certified in Pilates Mat and Reformer. In my pursuit to continue investing in my professional development, I am currently studying nutrition and working on a Level II certification through STOTT Pilates.

Hannah Belton

Hannah is in her last semester at Humboldt State University, working toward her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science, which will be accomplished in May 2019. Hannah came to know and love Pilates through a back injury that she suffered from in 2015. Pilates was a magical tool that helped her recover, gain back her strength, and be able to incorporate exercise into her daily life again. Teaching Pilates Barre to her community, friends, and family, has been an extraordinary experience for Hannah. It has made her grow as a person and as an instructor. She is currently certified in Pilates Barre from Merrithew STOTT Pilates, and is going to continue her education with STOTT to acquire her Reformer and Mat certifications in the near future.

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